Re: How to post to feodra-list through RSS feeds

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On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 18:15:23 +0530, Parameshwara Bhat wrote:

> Hello list,
> Is it possible to post to fedora-list through RSS feeds? One can  
> easily follow threads through gmane.I could not find any help for this on  
> the web.Is anybody on the list doing that?

I am and it's great! 

Essentially you post through gmane the exact way you would post to any
newsgroup. Except the first time you post to a gmane newsgroup, the server
will send you an email confirmation message, to which you have to reply.
That's to prevent spam. Then your message to the list will be posted.
Subsequent posts to the same gmane group/list will no longer require

So configure e.g. pan to read from gmane (add server gmane), select the
server, select the lists you're subscribed/interested. These will appear
as newsgroups. View/reply to messages the way you normally do in a

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