Re: Mac Mini and Onboard Sound (FC4-ppc)

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Sakari Aaltonen wrote:
> I just installed Yellow Dog Linux 4.0.1 on a Mac Mini and found
> to my disappointment that on-board sound was not supported. Can 
> anyone comment on FC4-ppc with respect to this?
> I have seen, in fact, a note *somewhere* to the effect that FC4,
> Test 3, does support Mac Mini onboard sound. But how do you tell
> which FC4 ISO set is Test 3? I have seen file names like
>   FC4-ppc-discX.iso     where X=1,2,3,4
> That is, there is no clue which Test, if any, is involved.  

Fedora names its releases "FC4-test1", "FC4-test2", "FC4-test3" (which
are test-only releases), "FC4" (which is the general-purpose release),
then the next round of testing begins with "FC5".

Since FC4 has been released, the FC4-test releases are outdated and
should not be used. (And FC4 should be just FC4-test3 with bugfixes and
newer versions of some programs.) So you want the normal
FC4-ppc-discX.iso files. And yes, there are four CD ISOs: you should
download them all.

Hope this helps,


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