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On Sun, 8 Jan 2006, Craig McLean wrote:

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> WipeOut wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Is there anything for parental control that works on Linux??
> I know this is meant as a technical question, but I tend to find that
> parents are the best parental control.
> Check the browser history, then sit down with the kid, open the page in
> front of him and ask him why he was looking at it.
> Also, you neglect to mention how old the kid is...

I'll second this social approach. If the child is male, having Mother sit 
with him and replay a session may be quite instructive. I had to do 
something like it with a daughter who got into my copy of "Flesh Gordon" 
to check what impressions and horrid ideas she was getting. Really rather 
an instructive session at the time.

Who ever gets the job tho, probably wants to avoid being judgemental so as 
to avoid pushing the child into deeper sneakyness.

Of course, if there appears reason for concern afterwards, time and 
privilage restrictions are in order, but that is probably obvious.

As always, IANAL and YMMV.

> > The problem now is that he is getting far to wrapped up in looking at
> > porn and not the innocent kind..
> > 
> > Is there any parental control software for Linux available??
> - From a technical perspective, check out dansguardian, safesquid and (my
> personal fave) privoxy.
> Good luck,
> C.

As an obvious statement, but it probably bears repeating - anything placed 
upstream to filter, monitor, or control a child's access needs to be 
locked down tight from the getgo. If the system can be subverted, somebody 
will know how to do it, and many children will be able to find that 
somebody. But of course, that is already known.

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