Commercial Software and RPM's

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Is there any interested in a coordination for a small repository of
nosrc.rpm's for non-free software?

I'm thinking about things like the Lucida fonts for LaTeX (see ) and Mathematica and maybe a better packaging
of Acrobat Reader etc.

My idea would be nosrc.rpm repository and a howto page on how to build a
useable rpm from a nosrc.rpm and a tarball containing the software.

Primarily what would be needed is people familiar with rpm willing to
write spec files (I imagine it will be a small repository, as most *nix
software is better suited for extras/livna/etc.), a place to host them,
someone who can keep the repo info up to date (idea is to use yum
utilities to create package information based upon the headers in the
nosrc.rpm) - and a howto page unstructing how to use the nosrc.rpm's
(which ideally would go in a wiki - maybe ??)

My intention is strictly for a nosrc.rpm repository - no pre-built

The purpose is to allow quality packaging for commercial software
through community effort to reduce replication of work needed by
individuals and companies wishing to employ the software.

Java related nosrc.rpm's involving freely download-able but not
distributable packages are not desired, as they should go into
jpackage's nosrc.rpm stuff

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