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Why not try..

ut2003 (c/w server)
ut2004 (c/w server)
doom(all of them)
quake(all of them)

all run without 'wine' or their derivatives.

With P2P (cedega - there are
more choices.

old but not out....

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Ali Helmy writes:


Aside from being a computer engineering student, being an open-source fanatic, being a Fedora enthusiast, and being anything else, I am a deep-down Hard-core computer gamer... I love video games, and it is impossible to continue my life normally without them... So is there some way I can find good games (not just 10-20MB crap) that I can play on my FC machine? Or do I have to keep FC for work only on my laptop, and the AWFUL WinXP for gaming on my gaming machine?

The best strategy game, IMO, is Freeciv,

For light action/adventure game, there's supertux in Extras.

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