Re: Zbip2 Size limitatations ?

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Franck Y wrote:
Hi everyone,

I make several backup with bzip2, it seems that he has the better compression.

I do my backup like this for several folders.

tar cvf - /home/data/ | bzip2 -9 > /backup/data.tar.bz2

When i test the archive with bzip2 -t archive.tar.bz2, everything is
correct when the archive is under 1 Go. But i get CRC error when it's
upper ....

Has anyone experience this ?
I have SUSE 10 on my laptop where I've been playing with some fairly big
files. I just tested a smaller one, a little over 6 Gbytes compressed,
It's fine.

My files are not tarballs, they're images of paritions and disks, and I did not pipe them into bzip2, I wrote the data to the files and then compressed them. I don't know whether the different way I compressed my data is relevant, but it might be.

I don't use tar that way, I always tell tar to do the compression. It should not be different, but it might be.



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