Re: Why questions don't get answered, or "No, I've already RTFM, tell me the answer!"

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Mike McCarty wrote:
John Summerfied wrote:

Mike McCarty wrote:

John Summerfied wrote:

I reckon your expectations are a little steep.

I don't think you will find the kind of information you desire comes with any implementation of any programming language, certainly for peecees. Have you noticed the proliferation of Windows books?

Au contraire, mon ami. Borland C, for example, comes with a nice
tutorial on the C programming language.

and the price of Borland C would go far to getting a nice book on bash, This google will help find one:

And despite your "nice tutorial," if I go down to any good bookstore I will find more books on Borland C.

I didn't say otherwise. I don't understand your motive for replying
in this way. You made a sweeping statement, which has a definite
counterexample. You don't refute the counterexample, yet somehow
you seem to think that you have vindicated your statement.

Well, I can't/shouldn't speak to your desires, but the presence of so
many books suggests that
a) Publishers see a market
b) Writers agree
c) Consumers don't find the standard information meets their desires and buy alternative documentation.
If you find the counter example filled your needs, that's fine, but
there are many who don't find it fills their needs and who purchase
It happens I used to use Turbo Pascal, and I found it hard going, and I
was already a competant programmer in several languages, even to the
extent of presenting training courses on one of them.


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