Re: Installing on an AMD K6-2-350

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david wrote:
> I have an ancient machine that ran FC1 just fine.

With how much RAM? If you don't have 256M or more you should probably
avoid any but the lighter distros and WMs.
> Should I discard the computer, or is there some magic boot parameter that
> might work?
> Or some alternate solution, since floppys are too small.

I have many old systems, and most have various flavors of K6 CPU. I'd
find out just how much CPU your motherboard supports (what motherboard
is it?), then find the fastest one available that it will support,
preferably (possibly after a BIOS upgrade) to a + flavor, such as K6/2+
550 or a K6-III+ 450 or 500 (run at 550 or 600). The non-+ can go pretty
cheap on eBay, and at this late date, even + shouldn't be that
outrageous. The 2+ has improved performance over non-+, mostly via more
cache. The III+ is for all practical purposes an Athlon for Socket 7.

I had 2 systems given to me 2 weeks ago. One had a MVP4 chipset with
K6/2-350 CPU, which I promptly changed to a K6/2-550 without needing a
BIOS upgrade.
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