Re: two dbus installed on FC4

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E GCP wrote:

I just did a fresh installation of FC4 and looking with Yumex I found out there were 2 rpms of dbus installed.
[email protected] ~]$ rpm -qa dbus

Does FC4 is supposed to be this way? Should I uninstall one, which one?

dbus-0.33-3.fc4.1 is the one from Fedora updates . Not sure where
dbus-0.33-3 came from. It really shouldn't hurt anything to have both
installed but if you really want to get rid of dbus-0.33-3 from the rpm
database do this:
rpm -e --justdb --nodeps dbus-0.33-3

This might get rid of the other dbus as well. If it does run:

yum install dbus


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