Re: Unofficial FC4.2 released

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At 3:02 PM -0800 11/16/05, Kam Leo wrote:
>On 11/16/05, Kenneth Porter <[email protected]> wrote:
>>--On Wednesday, November 16, 2005 1:19 PM +0000 Paul Howarth
>><[email protected]> wrote:
>>> Just as a FYI, the bittorrent packages in Fedora Extras include
>>> initscripts for running trackers and seeders as services running in the
>>> background.
>>Awesome! I've been hoping for something that would make serving torrents as
>>painless as web pages. You just made my day!
>I'm still not seeing any seeds or clients for the torrent.  Is anyone able
>to download?

Works for me on FC3.  I did a "yum install bittorrent", downloaded the
.torrent file, and typed "btdownloa<TAB> ~/*orre*<TAB>" and away it went.
I don't need it, so I've stopped it now.
TonyN.:'                       <mailto:[email protected]>
      '                              <>

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