Re: Problem with SCSI scanner

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On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 11:09 +0000, Paul Howarth wrote:
> Bob Taylor wrote:

> > I didn't check because it *was* loaded. I had a power outage and now it
> > was *not* there! I think Red Hat's new system of overwriting files sucks
> > big time.
> Which file do you suspect has been overwritten?


> > How can I keep this module in /etc/modprobe.conf? Fix whatever
> > is not keeping it in?
> Try adding "modprobe sg" to /etc/rc.d/rc.local

I consider this a hack, Paul. However, I have done so. I *know* it was
in /etc/modprobe.conf because the scanner *was* working. The only thing
that happened since I last used it was the power failure leading to a

Thanks for your help.

[email protected]

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