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At 2:00 PM -0600 10/28/05, [email protected] wrote:
>> On Fri, 2005-10-28 at 11:20 -0600, [email protected]
>> wrote:
>> > Hi List ;
>> >
>> > I have needs to merge a gnucash invoice which I can print to file as a
>> > .ps (postscript file) and then use ps2pdf to create a pdf with a
>> > spreadsheet for expenses and images of the receipts.  I would like to
>> > push all this into a single multi-page PDF to submit to my client for
>> > payment. Any ideas on how to pull this off?
>> Kevin,
>> Perhaps I can offer an alternative....
>> I create my invoices in OOo Writer, then Insert OLE Object of the OOo
>> Calc spreadsheet, then Insert Picture of the TIFF images I scanned in
>> that are the receipts.  Then with it all in OOo Writer, Export to
>> PDF.....
>> So taking my procedure, can you save the invoice as html from gnucash
>> (while I use gnucash to track my invoices I do not print them from there
>> - so yes I am doing double entry...), and then import that in to Writer?

>This could work.  How do I save an invoice from gnucash as html ?

If it isn't really obvious in the Save dialog, it may not be possible.  How
about copying from gnucash and pasting into your spreadsheet?  Then it's
all one document and should be simple to print.

If copy and paste from gnucash works but doesn't put things where you want
them, you can just write more spreadsheet further down; paste into that,
and have the part you print fetch data from where gnucash plopped it.

I haven't used gnucash or OOo Calc.
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