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>You can do that one of 2 ways.
>A) create the .forward file in the users home directory with the new
>email address in it. It is possible that ownership of the .forward is
>important. It is certain that sendmail and/or procmail must be able to
>read the .forward file, so permissions may need to be checked.
>B) Make an entry in the /etc/aliases file for that user, then run
>'newaliases' for the change to take affect.
>Either of those 2 ways works. A) can be done by the user, B) must be
>done by root. Either file can have one or many new addresses to forward
>Dovecot is a server and has no impact on forwarding. It provides for
>reading mail via pop or imap from the server.
>For more information see "man aliases".

It was incredible easy to make it work adding on /etc/aliases the following line:

daniel:                        [email protected]

where daniel is the account where i wanted to put the .forward file, and [email protected] is the account where i want to store forwared emails.

By some reason, wich i dont have the time to check .forward file didn't work, neither as local ser or as root. The message on maillog was:

Oct  2 10:54:16 copernico sendmail[17237]: j92EsFfN017236: forward /home/daniel/.forward: Group writable file
Oct  2 10:54:16 copernico sendmail[17237]: j92EsFfN017236: to=[email protected], delay=00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local, pri=31588, dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent

...i just didn't burn my neurons, y used aliases and it works perfectly.

Daniel Vogel
[email protected]
Computer Engineering.
Siempre sale el sol despues de la tormenta.

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