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St�ane Bruno wrote:
Now, the problem I have is that I cannot produce the "c c�lle" on Linux, which is the letter c with a comma-like sign underneath it,
I'm using Norwegian keyboard layout, but we also use letters with accents (though not nearly as extensively as in French). To produce the c�lle on my keyboard, I press 'Alt Gr'+',' then the letter 'c' or 'C', like this: � =). 'Alt gr' is my right Alt key. The 'Alt gr'+',' combination constitutes what is known as a "dead-key", because no output is immediately seen without subsequently pressing another regular key. Xev tells me that 'Alt Gr' has the keysym "ISO-Level3-Shift", which makes sense. There is also another approach using the "Compose" key, which I think will also work if your layout does not use dead keys, though I am not sure about this. I can produce the c�lle by also pressing: 'Shift'+'Alt-gr', then the first part of the composition ',', then the letter 'c' or 'C', like this: �. The 'Shift'+'Alt gr' combination has the keysym 'Multi_Key'.
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