Re: transfer master Windows DNS to slave BIND DNS

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On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 03:12, M E Fieu wrote:
> > Everything looks right on the Linux side.  You might find a reason in
> > the Windows event logs.  There are some security options you may have to
> > disable or configure to match at both ends.
> > 
> I create another DNS zone in my windows DNS server and it is successfully got transfer to BIND
> DNS.  I took a second look on the difference between the original zone and second zone.  I just
> realise that the original zone is AD intergated and second zone is standard primary zone. 
> I think AD intergated has problem to be zone transfer to Linux BIND right ?

I have it working, but the AD is at another location and
controlled by someone else so I don't know what options had
to be set.  I'd guess you either have to install matching
keys or turn off the secure option.  Another option is to have
the AD replicate the zone to the windows DNS server that
works it you are going to keep that one around, then have
linux do the zone transfer from there.  We just made that
change as the AD went into production using a new domain
name so everything else could keep using the old DNS server

  Les Mikesell
    [email protected]

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