Re: making Samba work [new detail]

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Claude Jones wrote:
On Tue August 9 2005 11:39 am, Paul Howarth wrote:

Claude Jones wrote:

Can't stop, but start is ok... any ideas?
Test rndc again:

# rndc status

[email protected] etc]# rndc status
number of zones: 6
debug level: 0
xfers running: 0
xfers deferred: 0
soa queries in progress: 0
query logging is OFF
recursive clients: 0/1000
tcp clients: 0/100
server is up and running

If it doesn't work, check the output of:

# netstat -lp

There should be an entry like:

tcp 0 0 localhost:rndc *:* LISTEN 1835/named

tcp 0 0 viewridgeproductions2.:rndc *:*
LISTEN 14231/named

If there isn't, the named isn't listening for control connections and
the error is in your named.conf

This doesn't precisely coincide to what you say, but I don't see anything jump off the page at me... I wonder, this port it's listening on, does this have to be available to the lan? Or is this just the machine talking to itself? All lo is allowed in my firewall rules, but talk between the lan and the firewall is extremely restricted.
rndc seems to be OK.

# rndc stop
# echo $?

Also look in /var/log/messages for any possible reasons why this shouldn't work (rndc stop should kill named).
You'll need to start named again of course.


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