Re: Floppy written in CentOS won't mount in FC3

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Deron Meranda wrote:
One of the things to be careful of is writing to floppies.  Writes are
often delayed, being stored in cache first.  Now if you properly
unmount the floppy before removal the pending writes are flushed
to the disk.  But you can force this at any time by using the
sync(1) command.
Usually when I write a floppy (very rare these days), the write appears
to happen very quickly but then an unmount or sync takes a long time as
the actual data is flushed out from the cache. So if you just write a
floppy and then just eject it from the drive without unmounting or
syncing, it's unlikely that the data will actually be on it.
If you go underneath the filesystem layer and directly at the raw
device (say with the dd(1) command), you'll bypass this caching.
Yup. I still like to do a sync through; it makes me feel better :-)


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