Re: gmplayer locking up Firefox

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Claude Jones wrote:
I've got gmplayer working as a plug-in for Firefox, but it keeps locking up. I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I couldn't find a better. I'm running Firefox 1.0.4, FC4 and the latest mplayer. Once it starts playing a file all attempts to close the window fail, and Firefox becomes more and more sluggish and finally freezes. Repeated clicks on the close window button finally yield an error dialog asking if I want to force-close. If there's a better place to ask, or an mplayer forum this would be great. The forum on their website appears to be in Hungarian.
I think the best solution might be to use mplayerplug-in which I think
uses mplayer not gmplayer.gmplayer is a gui for a desktop which uses
mplayer,so its possible there's a conflict between two gui's

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