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Maybe you can help me out with running an md5sum check, because I've never
had to do it before. Is there a freeware utility for running the check under

I have tried installing fc4 anyway, and I got an error message saying that
it couldn't mount something. So I stopped right there.


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Hi Aristos,

On 6/23/05, Aristos Vasiliou <[email protected]> wrote:
> I have downloaded the first iso image of fedora core 4 four times until
> today, burned the cd's, and every time I run the media check, I get a big
> "FAIL"

Did you check the md5sum of the downloaded iso and compared it to the
md5sum provided by the download server ?
If they match, I`d say the "FAIL" can be ignored

Did you try installing anyway ?

I remember some time ago, there was a discussion about false "FAIL"s
produced by media check, but Im not sure. Maybe someone else can jump
in and clarify ...


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