Re: FC4 Repositories

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Temlakos wrote:

> In answer to Alexander, yes, I've been following the discussion. In my
> opinion the discussion has been inconclusive. Which is a polite way of
> saying that I have seen nothing that I can safely construe as a pledge by
> any repo maintainer to maintain compatibility with Extras or Livna. All
> I'm doing now is asking for that pledge--and asking it here, in this
> forum, which is probably the most appropriate forum for such a discussion,
> anyway.

If you are looking for a response from the third-party package mantainers,
the most appropriate forum for that discussion would be the third-party
repo mailing list.  For example:
C2. Where can I discuss about these packages ?
If you have a general question, a compatibility problem or want to discuss
something with other users, you can post on the FreshRPMS mailinglist.
Use the mailing lists or the bug tracking system for comments, bugs and
requests about the packages.

William Hooper

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