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On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 04:52:06PM +0200, Franco wrote:
> Hi, i'm installing a fresh FC3 on an Athlon 1.8 with 512 MB of ram
> and 2 HD, first 40GB and second 80 GB.
> I need to create a boot partition on the first hd and the root on the
> second hd but when i create it and install FC3 on the boot after 
> hardware check it hang !!! If i do an FC3 default partition it work
> fine but seams to do a virtual volume so the root is the sum of 2 hd,
> but in this installation it an hd fails i will lose all data on other
> hd?! Can someone help me to the right partition? Thanks in advance.
> Frank.
I don't know why this does not work for you but I don't quite
understand why the boot partition has to be on the first disk. It is
very small next to the 80GB size of your disk.

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