I'm sure this is a silly question

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I'm sure this is a silly question, but.....
I have an application that is started by a script in .kde/Autostart.
When this app is started a console window appears, if the console window
is closed the app stops.  I know, duh! (of course the same thing happens
when you launch it manually from a console window) (BTW, it's a helper
app for MetaVNC that handles clipboard functions)

I'd like to hide this console window.  I know in Windows .cmd scripts
you can use something like, 'start app.exe', which starts the
application and does not bind it to your script; the script can continue
and close and the application launched keeps going.  Is there a way to
do this in Linux?


Jeff Birt
Electronics Engineer
Integrated Systems Facility
University of Missouri - Rolla

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