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> Hi
> Anyone install KDE 3.4 ? Fedora seems to be as usuall the easiest
> distro to install a new version of KDE. I only had about 10 KDE
> packages installed and it went quite well. Looks quite nice and i see
> it pops some nfs icons onto the desktop. Still playing with it. :-)

Well I just got a new Thinkpad A31p(well somewhat new, at least "new" to
me), and installed FC3, and did all the upgrades and installed KDE 3.4.
Really like it, a bit more polished. I really like it. But one thing keeps
bugging me is that there is no quick and easy way to switch network settings
when you use a laptop on multiple networks. Windows you can purchase a 3rd
party app called MNM(MultiNetworkManager)from GlobeSoft, and at boot up(or
while the OS is up and running) pick different network configurations. I
know of QuickSwitch and have used it in the past, but it like Network
Profiles is way to clunky and in all a pita to setup. Right now my solution
is just creating the required files(actually creating them in Network Config
and copying them to a seperate dir), and using a bash script to move them to
the correct locations. I still have to hand switch when I have to deal with
proxies since KDE has it own settings, as well as GAIM, and Firefox. Anyone
know of an all-in-one solution? Plus I still have the problem of the desktop
icons rearranging themselves on the next login... go figure...

Version: 3.12
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