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Lately I have seen a message regarding questions about installation of new 
fonts ; here is a simple way to do it that works with all distributions 
including Fedora ; with this method all users will get access to new 
installed fonts :

i) edit in root mode xml file "/etc/fonts/local.font" and add the following 
line :
notes : for obscure reasons lines :
already included in xml file "/etc/fonts/fonts.conf" are also included in this 
"local.font" file ; if I delete them they are copied back after next boot ! ; 
this is obviously a Linux unconsistency

ii) create the following "fonts" directory under "/usr/local/share" and drop 
in it all the folders of your personal fonts that you want to use ; for 
example :
"my_TTF" folder where you drop all TTF fonts you like,
"my_Type1" folder where you drop all Type1 fonts you like.

iii) reboot.

Daniel Moyne (Nulix)----------------------------------------------------------
Distribution : Mandrake 10.2 test      \\|//      Fedora Core 3 on test
               kernel 2.6.8           / --- \     kernel 2.6.9 and 2.6.10
               KDE 3.3               (' o-o ')    KDE 3.3

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