Re: Grub install broken after kernel update

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> All I did was add a drive, and grub would not work any more.
> Saying grub has nothing to do with it is complete BULL SHIT.

i said it might not be related. 

> The sheer volume of people that are having problems with
> grub, should be an indicator that it is not making life
> easier for the Fedora community.

i dont agree with this

> Rahul : If you don't have something that can help me, then
> do not respond. I have probably been using Linux longer than
> you, until grub and SATA drives came out I never had problems
> I could not fix. If you are a Red Hat developer then, I
> certainly hope the other developers are reading your idiotic
> remarks and have you removed.

name calling wont help you. if I get removed for suggesting you file
bug reports against grub instead of ranting here then that would be
very ironic

Rahul Sundaram

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