Re: Linux sucks?

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On Sun, 2005-02-13 at 18:01 -0500, Kunal Shah wrote:
> Major problem using Linux as server is the Support. As such we don't
> have proper support for Linux operating system. I understand that we do
> have lot of users and mailing list and people involved with Linux
> community are kind enough to share experience and solutions however,
> what about SLA ( Service Level Agreement)? .
> Although I know Linux is much more stable them windows, I cannot
> convince my upper management to use it because of only one question. If
> anything goes wrong in production, what is our SLA to resolve the issue
> and get it back on board.

Ummm your trolling right???
At least two of the commercial Linux Distributors will give you a SLA
for their "Enterprise" products ... Redhat, SuSE/Novell and I believe
Mandrake will also.

You can also higher out to several 3rd parties for support (can't think
of any names off the top of my head)  I had looked at this when Redhat
had dropped support for RHL and we decided we did not *need* a 3rd

No OS vendor AFAIK provides a SLA unless you have a yearly contract with
them, so I say the ground is pretty level there.


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