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On Sun, 2005-02-06 at 20:51 -0600, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
> Quoting Craig White <[email protected]>
> Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 18:41:34
> > I see it's in /usr/share/cyrus-imapd but a ps aux|grep timsieve doesn't
> > locate it - so I have to assume that it isn't running.
> Wrong.  timsieved is started by cyrus-master process.  cyrus-master is the one
> listening on all ports (imap, pop3, sieve, nntp, ...) and starts appropriate
> service when there's incomming connection.  Check with "netstat -a" if anything
> is listening on sieve port (2000).  Or use "lsof -p cyrus-master-pid" to see on
> what ports cyrus-master is listening.
> > My goal is to integrate 'ingo' from Horde and it says it uses
> > 'timsieved' driver.
> Check all INSTALL files for horde and ingo, and make sure you have all required
> libraries and PHP modules, as well as all required Pear and Pecl modules for
> PHP.  Also, make sure you have optional modules needed to support specific
> backends that you are using (because some modules are needed only when specific
> backend is used, those are listed as optional).  For ingo to use sieve backend,
> you must install "optional" sieve module from Pear.
> > how do I make it talk?
> It's probably already talking (default in Fedora RPM package is timsieved enabled).
indeed - I almost emailed you directly since I know you've been fooling
with the same things.

ingo was fully installed including pear's 'Sieve' and I didn't see a
thing and then all of a sudden, all of my email is dropping in my inbox
and not getting 'sieved'. Fired up a console connection and saw that my
active script was 'ingo' and not 'lists' so I know that it's working

My only problem is how to 'edit' these scripts as I can't figure that
out but I suppose that's probably best for [email protected] (unless
you want to make that easy for me)  ;-)



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