Driver for lexmark X1185 for FC1 & FC3?

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    I've just bought a Lexmark X1185, and everything I try to print
from FC3 aborts. I hope eventually to use this printer with FC1 and XP,
but am trying it out on my testbed machine, which will become a LAN server
when I learn how, and is meanwhile trying out FC3.
    It would be nice to be able to print from FC3 while I have it,
but it's FC1 and XP that will really matter.
    However, I've poked around, on the Web (including especially
linuxprinting) and on the CD that came with the printer, and don't see any
Fedora drivers for it anywhere.
    Have I missed something obvious? *Is* there anything? Or am I
going to have to get a different printer?

Beartooth Implacable, Linux Evangelist & Gadfly
neo-redneck, curmudgeonly codger with FC1 & YDL 4.0
Pine 4.61, Pan 0.14.2; Privoxy 3.0.1; Opera 7.54, Firefox 1.0
Bear in mind that I have little idea what I am talking about.

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