smp kernel bash script

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I have a question that I have no Idea how to google for!
I have done this so far.
When you install Fedora 2 or 3 it detects which CPU and then loads either the 
smp or normal kernel for you. when it loads the smp it stills give the normal 
as an option in grub.
My script simply says something like this ( IIRC don't have it with me! ) :

uname -a |grep smp
if [$? -eq 0 ] then 
rpm -ivh kernel-smp.*.rpm
rpm -ivh kernel-smp.*.src

you get the picture I hope ;)

Today my script bites the dust as it installed a std kernel when it should 
have installed the smp.
I can easily fix this. Thats not the issue.

How can check if the cpu is an smp and add some test to my script. This way 
even if the Fedora gets it wrong my script will fix it when applying all my 
atches and upgrading the kernels.
I don't have an smp CPU around right now either to find out myself. And since 
I have a celeron and a DOTHAN CPU I can't see what the differences are 
between the chips outputs and hence can't write the script.

Unless I am really in the dark and have not a clue, could some one here shed 
some light please.


Chadley Wilson
Redhat Certified Technician 
Cert Number: 603004708291270
Pinnacle Micro
Manufacturers of Proline Computers
Exercise freedom, Use LINUX

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