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Mathew S. Nowend wrote:

Hello Everyone,

It has been a long while since I have been on, and I again I am in need of guidance.

I am currently running a WIFI network which includes a dell PIII 600 running XP pro,

A dell XPS laptop with XP pro, and a Celeron 600 custom box. My original plan

Was to turn the custom box into a firewall/online storage/webserver. If all of that is

Possible from one box. I went to <> and downloaded the .pdf about

Bridge+firewall+DSL howto. From my understanding DSL/Cable are the same thing.

It does not say anything about what flavor of Linux to use, That is one question.

Second question is I know I need dual NICS’ in the box but the custom machine

Stated above died. So I am replacing it and I just need to know if 512 RAM and

If I need to go with a 40 or 80 gig hard drive? Sorry if there was useless stuff surrounding

The actual questions.


You may find this document handy also, it has not yet been uploaded to TLDP.

Linux Home Server HOWTO -

It has only just been completed and contains 20 chapters, which cover all of the points you mention above. I think it would suit your requirements.


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