Re: Can'r build glibc from SRPM

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Am Mo, den 10.01.2005 schrieb Kevin Worthington um 22:13:

> I downloaded glibc:
> and can not rebuild it on any of my i686 systems. I ran: rpmbuild -ba
> glibc.spec --target=i686 and it gives me the following:

> Anybody else seeing this? (Note: it took 5.5 hours to exit on my 733 MHz P3)
> Any help is appreciated.

> Kevin Worthington <kworthington at gmail dot com>

Just from interest: why do your rebuild the SRC.RPMs? I remember your
question about the bash SRPM rpmbuild error. Do you expect any
"processing speed improvements"? Or just too much time ;)

What kind of build system do you have? You know about the interference
with the gcc you use when compiling glibc? (Reading the Linux from
scratch documentation can help to understand dependencies.)


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