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akonstam@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

On Fri, Dec 31, 2004 at 12:33:15PM -0800, tonydm wrote:

Terry Polzin wrote:

On Thursday December 30 2004 20:46, tonydm wrote:

Hi all,

I too have a network printer problem.  I cannot seem to get a printer
configured and work.  All of my windoze boxes print to the print server
fine.  Before taking FC3 for a test drive, I had Mandrake 10 installed.
Configured a printer no problem.  Was printing in minutes.

Intel NetportExpress 10/100 - ip
HP Laserjet 4000

1) what to I need to enable (protocol) on the print server?
2) what kind of network printer type (CUPS-IPP, UNIX-LPD, WINDOWS-SMB,
etc), do I need to setup?
3) can I use the default hplj4000 postscript driver?  The screen says


select networked jetdirect as quque type
run this command as root.

Printer is online!! :)

But I feel like such an idiot. I don't recall setting up the printer with Jetdirect under Mandrake. I did recall directing it to the ip address at port 9100. My problem was I was trying to set it up with everything EXCEPT Jetdirect under FC3. I thought "it couldn't be this because I don't have a Jetdirect server". Thanks for the education.


It is not the server that is necessarily jetdirect it is the interface
on HP printers that are jetdirect.

No, the interface to the printer is "Parallel". Which is connected to the NetportExpress who receives its data from FC3 via Ethernet. Please correct me it I am wrong, but the interface to which FC3 is communicating and sending it's data is the JetDirect compatible interface of the Netport Print Server.

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