Re: Network Printer - Help too please

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Terry Polzin wrote:

> On Thursday December 30 2004 20:46, tonydm wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I too have a network printer problem.  I cannot seem to get a printer
>> configured and work.  All of my windoze boxes print to the print server
>> fine.  Before taking FC3 for a test drive, I had Mandrake 10 installed.
>>  Configured a printer no problem.  Was printing in minutes.
>> Intel NetportExpress 10/100 - ip
>> HP Laserjet 4000
>> 1) what to I need to enable (protocol) on the print server?
>> 2) what kind of network printer type (CUPS-IPP, UNIX-LPD, WINDOWS-SMB,
>> etc), do I need to setup?
>> 3) can I use the default hplj4000 postscript driver?  The screen says
>> "recommended"
> system-config-printer
> select networked jetdirect as quque type
> run this command as root.
Printer is online!! :)

But I feel like such an idiot. I don't recall setting up the printer with Jetdirect under Mandrake. I did recall directing it to the ip address at port 9100. My problem was I was trying to set it up with everything EXCEPT Jetdirect under FC3. I thought "it couldn't be this because I don't have a Jetdirect server". Thanks for the education.


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