Re: Installing FC3 alongside another distro

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Kam Leo wrote:

On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 09:06:56 -0500, Andy Elvey
<andy.elvey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everyone -
   I'm a first-timer here and have a question about installing FC3
alongside another distro.
 At the moment, I'm running Mepis Linux, and I'm keen to install FC3 as

  What I'm wondering is -  if I try to install FC3, will it overwrite
the current bootloader, or will the FC3 bootloader just "append" itself
to what's already there?  ( I believe Mepis uses the Grub bootloader).
 At the moment, I have Grub in the master boot-record.  So, if I put
FC3's bootloader elsewhere, will it still be possible for me to access
both distros?

 Very many thanks for your time and comments!
 - Andy

Yes, it will. Save a copy of grub.conf to a floppy or another
accessible media. After installing FC3 insert the Mepis data into
FC3's grub.conf. Comment out "hiddenmenu" line to see all boot

Great! Thanks very much for your very quick and helpful reply, Kam!
- Andy

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