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Alexander Dalloz wrote:

You and all the others: I wish you a great year 2005!


I removed most of your mail - not because it was bad, but all parts were written so well that it would be sad to remove one statement only. It would be unfair to that statement, so I removed all of them :P

I like your style (you know how to handle issues (and english as well) properly, I can see), and it makes sense to use linux as a tool, rather than a system you spend all your time to get running. And I too were very fond of OS/2 .... such a great OS ... the WorkSpace ('Arbejdsplads' in danish, 'Arbeitsplatz' in Deutch, ich vermute) was second to none - OS/2 Workspace recreated for Linux would be fantastic, I believe.

Anyway - Good luck to you (actually, all of you on this list) and a Happy New Year

/Kristian Poul Herkild
(heading back to Real Life)

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