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Am Do, den 30.12.2004 schrieb Jorge Fábregas um 5:32:

> On Wednesday 29 December 2004 10:19 am, Timothy Payne wrote:
> > Alexander, THANK YOU for all your hard work, you have helped me and
> > countless others on the list.  I was just looking in my saved folder and
> > most of them have your name on them.  I hope you can keep it up in 2005.
> I totally agree. I really admire Alexander for taking the time to help people 
> out here.  Thanks very much Alexander!

Thank you Jorge :) Though I am glad that my contribution is honored
there are a lot of other people here on the list answering questions and
discussing problems or searching for solutions. I am just a small part
of it all. It has been said already, this mailing list demonstrates the
quality and power of the Fedora Community.

> BTW... could you please answer some questions for us?

Ok, I will, but just in short form. I feel if you are interested in some
particular information it would be better to contact me personal. Feel
free to do so.

> - Do you ask any question at all on the list? (I haven't looked at the 
> archives yet...but I'm wondering) :)

I don't exactly remember myself. What I remember is that I some month
ago I asked whether someone knew where to get a GTK theme I saw on a
screenshot in the net. And I got the hint :) This does not mean that I
never have questions. But in most cases I can manage to find my way by
reading existing documentation. What you can find by using google is
really a wonderland.

> - Do you work as a SysAdmin, Network admin? Or is it Linux just a hobby?

During my time at university I worked as a network administrator and
Linux was a small part (most was Novell and Windows and some HP-UX).
Linux is much more than a hobby. It is the platform I prefer for many
jobs and actually I am a "freelancer" in IT consulting. Main interests
are mail services and network security.

> - Since when have you been using Linux? Why Fedora in particular?

Well, the real starting point using Linux was in 1998. The system was a
SuSE 5.2, because a friend was a SuSE user, the system had good German
localisation and I got it cheap as a student. The first contact with
Linux was earlier, I think in 1995, a crippled Slackware coming with a
computer magazine CD. What shall I say? Either Linux was not prepared
for me or me not ready to be a Linux geek :) Probably a combination of
both. The documentation wasn't good - a typcial magazine 'edition' for
just tasting things - and being online was very expensive here in
Germany at that time. Too it was a period in Linux's lifetime where X
was already a part of it, but regarding hardware recognition Linux was
mainly a white paper. I failed to setup X with a screen you could work
with. This was because you had to know the details of your graphics
(card and monitor) very detailed and without a proper modeline, which
you had to construct yourself, you either got garbage on the monitor or
you blew it to death (no self protection of the monitor at that time).
So my first contact with Linux in 1995 was a short episode and I went
back to OS/2 (I still have deep respect at IBM for that great system).

I am using Fedora because after a short time with SuSE in 1998 I
switched to Red Hat Linux 5.2 (I still have that box) and used Red Hat
since then. I simply like how Red Hat Linux / Fedora is structured
internally. For my taste SuSE is too much Yast concentrated which means
that using Yast you can't edit things manually. Deactivating Yast makes
it difficult to find all the locations where customisation is needed.
1,5 year I had Debian Woody on my desktop system, but the stable Debian
isn't something you want on a desktop. testing/unstable is like running
Rawhide - the weekly headaches included - and working with the backports
didn't make me lucky too. Debian stable is good for old and poor
hardware, which runs for limited and specific purposes. At university I
still remotely maintain a Debian system running as a print server and
internal webserver for accounting data. Gentoo? I gave it a try - from
stage 1 onwards. Well, its a system for those type of people having a
motor cycle which is 90% of time in the garage where they are
dismounting things, repairing, tuning, what else doing with it. And I
don't run the most powerful hardware to afford the compile times
or or a Gnome for instances needs.
I feel comfortable using Red Hat / Fedora, think to know the system good
enough, am able to use RPM on command line both as user as well with
packaging (last not perfectly) and mainly am able to use the system -
hardware and the Linux system - as the tool which it should be as a

> - Do you have some specific bookmarks stored so that when a newbie asks a 
> question you just point them to the right direction?  I've seen you answering 
> questions very quick with specific links and I go like "he must have a nice 
> bookmarks database".

In the past I had a growing bookmark collection. When it came to a point
where it took me nearly as long to find a specific bookmark as to find
the same information (and site) by using a search machine like google or
formerly Altavista, I began to no longer bookmark. So I really have no
bookmarks. Not a single one. What I use a bit "bookmark-like" is the
history and auto complete function of modern browsers. The rest is
either stored in my brain or I know how to find it in time by using
When I answer peoples' questions here on the list by giving links do
specific documentation, then I always did a quick google search to hand
out a valid link, and a link which should contain the desired
information. Really, there is so much already written down by people all
over the world. You just have to find it :) And I confess, that finding
these manuals is often not trivial for beginners.

> Erhmm that's all by now. I may ask some more later..Let see how it goes :)

So far by me. I finally wrote more than I originally wanted. Hope no
subscriber will blame me for this ;)

> Again, really, thanks for your time here on the list.

Being glad about your kind words. Sharing experience, knowledge,
thoughts and even some times frustration is a fair part of the free
software concept. So I am paying back what I once got by others when I
was less trained and what I constantly get as input. There is really
enough inspiration from this list too to me, so that I follow
discussions where I don't contribute or that I test out things which I
wouldn't when not knowing about them.

> Jorge

You and all the others: I wish you a great year 2005!


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | new address - new key: 0xB366A773
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