Re: Sendmail and DNS for two machines.

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Bruno Wolff III wrote:

My recommendation would be to move all of the accounts over at once.
Schedule a maintainance window and copy over the mailboxes and home
directories (if applicable) from the old machine to the new one and
change the IP address of the new machine. You should be able to practice
this in advance to see if there are any problems.

Bruno's suggestion is exactly what I did once to move a 1500 uses mailserver from one machine to another. Here's how I did it:
1 - set up the new box , testing everything.
2 - copy the home directories using rsync
3 - schedule a maintenance window at night
4 - during the maintenance window , all services were stopped on the old server. Rsync was run once again , to update the home directories on the new server. after that , I just changed the IP of the two servers and voila...
Keep the old server handy , in case something goes bad... If anything bad happens , all you need to do is rsync the home directories from the new server to the old server (so people dont loose their new stuff) and change the IP addresses again...

Pedro Macedo

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