Does MPlayer work in AMD64 box? Yes, but....

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This is somewhat of a re-hash, but there's a new question about skins.

AMD64 users can try to install Dag's RPM's, but failures are reported due
to a dependency on  I see no one addressing this failure.

So, you can compile the source, a process where you might find the need
to install several "devel" packages.  But, after a bit of searching
and installing,
the source will compile!  And mplayer works on AMD64 boxes.  All very nice.

In fact,mplayer is so nice, that it makes you want to try gmplayer
and/or kplayer.
I tried gmplayer first, and here's the skins problem:  No matter which skin is
chosen, it's BLUE.  And I don't think it's mplayer's fault that all
skins are BLUE.
That's why I'm posting here, and not in the mplayer mailing list.

Just to experiment a bit, I copied a skin into ~/.mplayer/Skin/default/ and
intentionally messed-up the "skin" file to see if mplayer was even paying
attention to my Skin directory.  It was, but no matter what I changed in
the "skin" file, nothing but BLUE was displayed.

My AMD64 box is running FC3,
on a GeForce FX 5200 video card.  Other AMD64 users have posted their
successes compiling mplayer, but don't mention BLUE skins.  Why?
Did the skins appear properly?  Did they start out BLUE, but a fix was found?
What other experiences with the AMD64-mplayer combination have you had?

It's not a showstopper - mplayer works well, it's a great piece of software.
But someplace, I think outside of mplayer, there's something outa whack!

Got any ideas?


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