Re: Apache and multiple Virtual Hosts best practices

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The general consensus was using system level groups.  To me that's a great 
idea.  I just hate having to deal with the whining of my user.

The system is used only by two people, myself, and a friend (someone I trust.)  
It uses pre-built php CMS such as Xoops, phpnuke, and postnuke.  So, they 
need write access to the directories for a short time.  (Some of the scripts 
are installed via a install.php file that is removed after its use.)

I am going to try the group idea and see how that goes with the whining user.


On Thursday 16 December 2004 02:23 pm, Roy W. Erickson wrote:
> Eric,
> What was the general consesus on your posting listed below?
> I have the same question...
> Thanks,
> Roy
> On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 06:31, Eric Wagar wrote:
> > I have an Apache web server with a few virtual hosts.  The ftp is handled
> > by proftpd, and I have multiple users defined.  These users have their
> > own uid and gid.  The problem comes when Apache is uid apache and need to
> > write to the said directory.
> >
> > I am wondering what other people have done to deal with this.  Do people
> > just set all the ftp users uid/gid to the same as the Apache uid/gid on
> > the system?  Obviously this would be an ok solution because apache
> > uid/gid != root.
> >
> > What are the other ways you guys have dealth with this?
> >
> > Thanks
> > eric

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