Re: Nvidia, Intel, and clout

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Bill Gradwohl wrote:
I've been on this list since early FC1, and Nvidia issues appear to be a major problem area. I have no need for high end graphics as all the Linux boxes we do are servers, so I've simply avoided the Nvidia problems by not purchasing their products. I doubt Nvidia has notices any decrease in sales on my account.

As a community, can't we influence Nvidia to cooperate in driver development to resolve these issues for the unfortunates that have innocently encountered this stumbling block on the road to Linux deployment? There was a time when Linux in general wasn't a major

From my experiences, nVidia works better than ATI and supports Linux much better. I purchased an ATI for my new computer after checking the ATI WWW site. It wasn't until after almost a month of fighting to get proper 3D support that I went and got an nVidia card. Up and running in less than 30 minutes with full 3D using the nVidia closed source drivers.

Upgrading is simple and I have had no issues that I can contribute to the video card. ATI may be better now but I have had issues with ATI on WinXP as well.

From my experience, I would rather see nVidia than ATI succeed. For our cluster, we have used Tyan cards with on-board video. No issues as we only need vga support.

-- Robin Laing

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