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> On Friday 19 November 2004 22:45, RoboticGolem wrote:
> > Does everyone here agree that a 500watt power supply is sufficient
> > enough for a dual MP 1800 board with 4 hard disks, DVDrom, cdrw,
> > dvdrw, and plenty of self powered usb hubs?  I'm trying to figure out
> > whats up with my computer and my next stop is to call an electrician.
> Yes but
> Why don't you explain the problem?
> I presume you're getting spontaneous reboots, but those an be caused by other
> things.
> I'd think that if the power is marginal, starting a fredgen freezer or vacuuum
> cleaner on the same circuit would trigger the problem.
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> Cheers
> John
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Well ok, here goes.  I recently did a post about X quiting out with a
sig11 a lot.  Its usually about once or twice a week but the other day
it did it like 3 times in a row.  The only responce I got was that it
could be bad ram.  So I ran memtest on the machine.  Nothin, I have
registered ECC ram (required for my board) I've pulled the sound card,
no effect.  I havent had a spontaneous reboot since I got the new
video card.  Which gives me the same effect weather I use the
comercial nvidia drivers or the open source nv drivers.  I dont seem
to have the same problem in windows, but I run windows about as much
as I run in the street.  The only thing I've come up with is that its
either the power supply, or I need to get some sort of line
conditioner for the plug its pluged into.  I have a beautiful surge
protector, but I guess that wouldnt stop drops in the power level. 
Thanks for all your help.


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