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Am Do, den 18.11.2004 schrieb Bruno Santos um 18:39:

> since FC2 ive a little issue regarding k3b.
> after a fresh instalation of FC, k3b works fine. when i launch the 
> program as a normal user, it detects my recording device and everything 
> is fine.
> after some an update, i guess it would be k3b or another package, k3b 
> stops recording as a normal user, cause i dont detects my recording 
> device, only as root, i can record.

It results from a kernel update. It is a known issue with kernel 2.6.8.
Please see the list archive as this topic is discussed exceedingly.

> how can i solve this ?

I am not sure whether this circumstance has changed with the new update
kernel kernel-2.6.9-1.3_FC2 (rapidly I didn't find a note in it's
changelog). I didn't test burning with the new kernel so far as I have
have problems with it: my host oopsed or did freeze 3 times in 2 hours.
So I went back to the previous kernel. Maybe someone else knows better
about the new FC2 kernel and the burning issue.

In doubt you still have to burn as root.

> Bruno Santos


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