Grub issues

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I have kind of a unique situation right now, and am hoping someone
here can help. On my computer I have (had) a dual-boot system, with
two hard drives and the Grub bootloader: one drive has Windows XP, the
other had FC2. Yesterday I tried to upgrade to FC3, but whenever I'd
try to do so I'd get an error saying that it couldn't transfer the
install image to the hard drive. This was after it'd formatted that
drive, so I tried to go back and reinstall FC2, but got the same

Here's where my problem starts. I tried to reboot and go into XP to
re-format that drive to FAT or something to try to fix the problem,
but the Grub GUI was gone, and I got the command line interface. I
thought this might be because of the other drive, so I removed it
(leaving my XP drive in) and tried again, but this time I got a Grub
drive error. What I think that's from is that on my main (XP) drive,
there's something that calls Grub from what was the second (FC) drive,
but that drive isn't there.

So now I'm stuck: I can't reinstall FC until I fix the drive I was
using or get a new one, and I can't boot into Windows (where all my
stuff is) until I do that. Does anyone know how I can fix this, either
via the Grub command line or by modifying something from a Live CD (I
have Slax 4.2.0 and Knoppix 3.6)?
Jesse (JB) Hannah

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