Re: machine powers off during FC3 install

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I didn't say FC2, I said FC3 the first time.
either way as I said, I have the same problem.

I think the problem is that, more then one selection has the same
dependencies, and when dependencies cross like that, then the anaconda
install just quits,  without any sort of error message telling you
what the heck is going on...   redhat has a BAD habit of that,  not
enough error checking in anaconda.   I'm almost positive thats the
problem, because if I uncheck items that don't cross, the install goes
along fine,  so its gotta be erroring out when there are dependency
errors, its just not telling you that.
why it doesn't I have no idea, and really should be reported to bugzilla.

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 08:32:19 -0600, Jeff Vian <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-11-13 at 20:35, Benton Whitaker wrote:
> >     All of my FC3 CDs have passed the media check but during
> > installation, after choosing packages and calculating dependencies, my
> > system will power off at about 75% of the way through the "Preparing to
> > install..." completion status window (same spot every time). I have
> > never had any problems installing or using FC2. Im using a Dell Inspiron
> > 8500 laptop with one disk partitioned into an NTFS for winXP, an ext3
> > for Fedora, and a swap for the ext3. Note that Im doing a fresh
> > install...choosing to format the ext3 and swap.
> >     Now if I choose a 'minimal install'...the installation succeeds and
> > everything works fine...minus not having any of the packages I want.
> > 'Install everything' fails with a power off during 'Preparing to
> > install..." just like choosing my own packages fails. I have what I
> > consider a basic understanding of linux, I can recompile the kernel and
> > install modules etc, yet I have no point of reference on this problem.
> > Usually hours of Google searches answers just about anything. Thanks in
> > advance for any insight one can offer.                        -Benton
> 1. A minimal install works, but a standard does not.
> 2. The standard install always fails at the same spot.
> Q. Are you using the same swap for both FC2 and FC3 ?
> Q. Is it possible the partition is getting full ?
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