Re: machine powers off during FC3 install

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On Sat, 2004-11-13 at 20:35, Benton Whitaker wrote:
>     All of my FC3 CDs have passed the media check but during 
> installation, after choosing packages and calculating dependencies, my 
> system will power off at about 75% of the way through the "Preparing to 
> install..." completion status window (same spot every time). I have 
> never had any problems installing or using FC2. Im using a Dell Inspiron 
> 8500 laptop with one disk partitioned into an NTFS for winXP, an ext3 
> for Fedora, and a swap for the ext3. Note that Im doing a fresh 
> install...choosing to format the ext3 and swap.
>     Now if I choose a 'minimal install'...the installation succeeds and 
> everything works fine...minus not having any of the packages I want. 
> 'Install everything' fails with a power off during 'Preparing to 
> install..." just like choosing my own packages fails. I have what I 
> consider a basic understanding of linux, I can recompile the kernel and 
> install modules etc, yet I have no point of reference on this problem. 
> Usually hours of Google searches answers just about anything. Thanks in 
> advance for any insight one can offer.                        -Benton

1. A minimal install works, but a standard does not.
2. The standard install always fails at the same spot.

Q. Are you using the same swap for both FC2 and FC3 ?
Q. Is it possible the partition is getting full ?

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