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James Wilkinson wrote:
At the grub menu, press "e", and add " 3" (including the space) to the
kernel command line (which either starts "kernel" or "linux" -- I can
never remember).

That worked.

This then should get you into Fedora. Run
system-config-display --reconfig
as root, and see if you can get X working.

The above command gives me the same 'Out of Range' message from the monitor. I did some poking an determined that the program was writing the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf. In this file I found my monitor and it said the resolutions was 380 x 300. I changed this to 1280x300. That did not help but I also tried adding 1280x1024 as the first resolution for the screen (It was "800x600" "640x480").

Now when I run
without options, it does initailize the display. It looks like it is asking me to choose a resolution and color depth. I can't be certain because the text font is extremely small (3 or 4 pixels high).

I can also reboot and get to a login prompt. The fonts here are also extremely small. However if I click on some of the buttons at the bottom of the screen a window popups in normal size.

I have not created a user account yet so I did not try to log in. Because of the display problems the 'first boot' stuff did not run normally. Is there a way I can rerun this?

-- Bryan White

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