Re: usb 2.0 external HD

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Ummmmmmmm. I did 'modprobe usb-storage'
but i get no output, i just goes back to a console prompt:

[root@darkstar root]# modprobe usb-storage
[root@darkstar root]#

does this mean it didn't get loaded?
or am I using the wrong syntax?

that means it loaded.. you can then do 'lsmod' to see what modules are loaded.

I would also do a 'dmesg' after you run that, and see what information was tossed in there after running it.

I think usb drives typically show up as scsi?

With my usb key chain (not sure if its the same), it shows up as sda..

so i

modprobe usb-storage
mkdir /mnt/usb
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb


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