Re: Network Card Strangeness

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Sorry for the delay in responding to this; putting out fires in another
part of the forest.

> Do you have the appropriate aliases for eth1 and eth2 in /etc/modprobe.conf?
> alias eth1 tulip
> alias eth2 tulip

Yes - all four NICs have entries:

   alias eth0 tulip
   alias eth1 tulip
   alias eth2 tulip
   alias eth3 sk98lin

Any other ideas why eth1 and eth2 don't load properly ?

> The router should have a separate IP address for each interface, in the IP 
> address range for the segment it is on.

That sparked a lot of discussion in another place, with people agreeing
with you and others disagreeing.  While some agree that you are right in
principle, others say that they have running systems that seem to work
quite satisfactorily.

My principle concern is that the machine that is bridging these segments
needs to be known by only one IP address across the whole LAN and that
there is only one DNS on the network, and which is not on this machine
but on the segment that links to the Internet.


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