system-config-network confuses devices

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I encountered a really strange issue tonight on an FC2 laptop.  I'm
looking to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience, or if
anyone could see if I did something stupid.

I maintain two network profiles, one for work and one for "everywhere
else".  Tonight after returning home, system-network-config crashed upon
trying to switch profiles.  My work profile uses only the wired
interface; my Common profile includes both wired and wireless.

After restarting s-n-c, I was unable to operate my wireless network,
even though the device was shown as 'Active' in the GUI.  

My system has two interfaces, a hardwire Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet
interface and a Netgear MA401 wireless PCMCIA card.  Checking the
configuration revealed that no matter what I tried, the system would not
recognize my wireless card, deciding instead that the Broadcom was the
only live interface (it was not connected to anything).

Here's what I had to do to clear the error:

1.  Remove all devices in both network profiles.
2.  Save the settings in system-network-config.
3.  Shutdown the system (I suppose that stopping the network would have
sufficed, but I was not taking chances).
4.  Restart and let the system find the Broadcom interface as eth0.
5.  Insert the wireless card and reconfigure it as eth1 from scratch.

I'm now up and running, but with only the Common profile.  I have the
crash dump from s-n-c saved on disk.  

Thanks for the help.    Erik

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