Re: repository for yum updates ?

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Michael Schwendt wrote:

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 14:51:12 -0500, cajun wrote:

Have a question. To start off with I am running RH9 with all the latest patches. In my yum.conf file I point to :

I have been noticing that when an update comes out that the fedoralegacy site is update way before the fedora site is. Is there a reason for this? What would be the harm of me pulling my updates for the fedoralegacy site then the fedora site? Or is just that the fedoralegacy site is updated first and when time permits the fedora site is then updated?

Thanks for the insight!! also serves as a mirror of Fedora Legacy Updates [*]. Unless you are located on Hawaii, you should have no need to download from because that server is located on Hawaii. You should be able to find a different mirror which is closer to you.

Thanks Michael. I did not realize that, I will do some checking on where the mirrow sites are and pick one that is closer to me. But I must say, I wish I was in Hawaii!!!!!!


Lee Perez

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